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Common Questions about Primary Care Medical Providers

What is a Primary Care Medical Provider (PCMP)?

A Primary Care Provider (PCMP) is a Medicaid client’s main health care provider. A PCMP is a Medicaid client’s “medical home,” where he/she will get most of their health care. When a Medicaid client needs specialist care, the PCMP will help him/her find the right specialist. All clients enrolled in Community Care have a PCMP.

Can my whole family have the same Primary Care Medical Provider?

When Medicaid enrolls a family into Community Care, we try to keep the whole family with the same PCMP. However, some PCMPs only see children or only serve adults. In some cases, the PCMP may not have room to add new members to their practices.

How can I choose or change my Primary Care Medical Provider?

You can choose any Community Care provider in Region 7 as your PCMP, or switch to a different PCMP by contacting Community Care.

To find whether your provider is a participating RCCO provider please call Community Care’s Service Center at 719-314-2560 or 1-866-938-5091 if you are out of the Colorado Springs area.

If your current provider is not a participating provider, contact the Community Care Service Center. Community Care may be able to enroll him or her in the network.