Overweight and Erectile Dysfunction

Dear men, do you want to know one more important reason why you need to lose a few extra pounds? There is a direct link between overweight and erectile dysfunction. My Canadian Pharmacy staff studies show a link between overweight, obesity and increased risk of erectile dysfunction (impotence). And compared to normal body weight, risk increases by 30 – 90%. It should also be remembered that erectile dysfunction (ED) itself is a frequent complication of obesity.

Therefore, bringing your figure into a normal form will not only make you feel more attractive and improve your health but also improve your intimate life.obesity

Testosterone and Sexual Desire

It is not clear at what level lack of testosterone in the blood can cause erectile dysfunction, but it is obvious that this hormone helps to increase sexual desire.

At obesity aromatase enzyme, mostly found in adipose tissue, converts testosterone to female sex hormone estradiol. Therefore, men have lower testosterone levels, that is, with an increase in the size of waist circumference, unfortunately, chances of lowering testosterone levels increase. Therefore, men with excess weight, as well as in the presence of erectile dysfunction, should periodically check testosterone level. If it is low, medications or weight loss can help to improve intimate life. Of course, the second is better.

The Health of Blood Vessels

Erectile dysfunction can act as a kind of early warning system about circulatory problems and cardiovascular diseases. And both are connected with excess weight. Reason: for the erection of the penis and maintaining it at an appropriate level during intercourse additional blood is required.

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At vascular diseases, the blood supply to vessels of the penis is limited, which reduces its erection. If you have erectile dysfunction, check your blood cholesterol level. In addition, consult your doctor if you need a stress test to track possible heart disease.


Drugs for reducing excess weight, along with those used to treat diseases caused by excess weight, can also lead to erectile dysfunction. They include drugs from high blood pressure, heartburn, diuretics and painkillers. Consult your doctor if drugs taken can cause problems with erection.

Psychological Reasons

Overweight can appear for many reasons. They include stress and depression. Canadian Health and Care Mall researchers found a link between obesity and severe depression. So, if you are seriously obese, ask your doctor about possible depression in you. Erectile dysfunction can be the result of physical or mental causes.

Some antidepressants can lead to erectile dysfunction. If you notice a reduction in erection when taking antidepressants, consult your doctor and ask to switch to another medicine. Never stop taking antidepressants yourself without consulting a doctor.

Physical Exercises

Regular physical activity not only burns extra calories, reduces stress levels, but also reduces the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Before you start exercising, you need to compose a training program, consult your doctor about choosing the best program for you. Determine the exercises that you will perform daily. They can include both strength training and cyclic aerobic exercise. It is recommended to spend at least 30 minutes a day on physical exercises.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall study showed that such moderate intensity exercises as walking, Nordic walking and swimming improve mood for up to 12 hours. Strive to practice 5 – 6 days a week and 1 – 2 days left to restore the body. Physical exercises help to improve the figure, which is an excellent beginning to normalize relations in the intimate sphere.

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