BrainWise: Ten Wise Ways to Stop and Think Event Part 2

Event Details

  • Date:

On December 11, 2018, specialists from My Canadian Pharmacy took part in the «BrainWise: Ten Wise Ways to Stop and Think Seminar» Part 2.

The purpose of the event

  • To intensify creativity, develop perception flexibility in order to feel more spontaneous, free and creative in the changing circumstances of life;
  • To renew the feeling of newness and freshness;
  • To develop a creative non-standard approach to their activities. To find new, to combine incompatible, to create new ideas and directions in the spheres of life that are relevant for you;
  • To promote the transition from ordinary states of consciousness to unusual, at least for short periods of time. To ensure a quick and easy transition to the state of creation and creativity;
  • To teach special techniques and technologies of creativity, to find new original ideas, great solutions and diverse options in all life directions.
  • To develop the skills of team work on non-standard tasks, for a powerful and fast search for solutions and generating the maximum number of ideas.

Parts of the event

The program includes:

  1. A systematic look at “creative thinking”;
  2. Different approaches to creativity;
  3. Creative competence and potential for increasing creativity;
  4. Three components of creativity;
  5. Stages of the creative process;
  6. Going beyond stereotypes and familiar perception;
  7. Ways to access creative states;
  8. Methods of setting and analyzing creative tasks;
  9. Personal creativity development tools;
  10. Ability to find non-standard solutions;
  11. Techniques for generating creative ideas;
  12. Individual and group techniques of creativity;
  13. Selection and evaluation of creative ideas;
  14. Examples of the use of creative solutions in business;
  15. Application of creative thinking to solve professional problems.

Results of the event

At the end of the seminar, the participants:

  • Got a complete picture of creative thinking and its role;
  • Learned to use the creative process to clarify the problem and find the optimal solution;
  • Mastered the basic techniques of creative thinking;
  • Got experience going beyond and limiting views;
  • Strengthened the skills obtained by solving applied problems.