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My Canadian Pharmacy – Health Care for Your Community

My Canadian Pharmacy is a modern innovative platform being in the pharmaceutical market for over 15 years. Our company is engaged in the sale of either brand or generic medications. We collaborate with different authoritative Indian companies. They produce high-quality generic medications according to all quality standards.

Our distinctive features

Professionalism. We take all the efforts for every customer to be satisfied with the provided service. If you address our customer care department, professional pharmacists will answer all your questions. If you order delivery of goods right to your door, it will be brought by the polite courier. You can always consult the pharmacist by email. However, please note that you cannot consult a pharmacist in an online pharmacy even our. You need to undergo a medical examination in an outpatient hospital in your community. They care of you establishing the diagnosis and correct preparation in a required dosage. After that, you may buy this drug from My Canadian Pharmacy.

High quality. Over the years, we have formed a list of reliable and authoritative suppliers. They produce the products we sell according to the quality standards. When receiving the goods, we check every position. We do not have falsified and expired drugs. Hence, when the drug is delivered to you we follow the transportation requirements, as well.

Convenient cooperation and assistance. Found the right product? Just place an order on our website at any time of the day. We are ready to deliver the ordered goods to you quickly and accurately at a stated time. Our Canadian Pharmacy guarantees the confidentiality of your order (the goods are packed in an opaque package). We offer international delivery except for some Asian countries. Before making an order (If you live in Asian countries) it is better to address support service and become sure we deliver to this area.

Our assortment

Our online pharmacy is ready to offer more than 300 items belonging to different drug categories. You can buy rare and expensive drugs that are unlikely to find in conventional drugstores. At the same time, most of the goods are always in stock. We offer the following drug categories: allergy, asthma, anti viral, anti fungal, birth control, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, cardiac health, motion sickness, pain relief drugs, men’s health (erectile dysfunction), women health, weight loss and many others.

We offer our customers search by category, letter and name of the product. Choose one of the offered options and we will provide you a drug you are looking for.

Our online catalog includes generics predominantly. Why? Generics are a copy of the original drug. A company that has registered a drug with a new molecule or combination of molecules receives a patent. his company obtains the exclusive right to produce the medicine for some time. Usually, this period lasts for 20 years. After this period, other companies also receive the right to sell generics of this drug. At this moment, Indian companies start producing generics which have also advertised active ingredient. The slight difference between generic and brand lies in additional components. These differences do not affect the therapeutic effect produced by generics.

We also offer our customers bestsellers at the most attractive and reasonable rates. They are distinguished in a separate section where they can be easily found.

Our staff

The team of our online pharmacy is experienced. They are ready to competently answer your questions on all the drugs or herbal supplements presented in the online catalog, their storage conditions. Our employees constantly improve their knowledge in classes and training. We offer them advanced programs able to improve their knowledge in the pharmaceutical sphere. We are also well-known contributing to learners’ developmental skills. We offer them to undergo probation in our service. Most of them stay with us helping to promote our service.

Our guarantees

We guarantee our company will satisfy all your needs. We are not a manufacturer of drugs, we are vendor cooperating with reliable Indian companies. They guarantee us 100% authenticity of products sold. We also comply with transportation requirements. You may rely on us and buy medications online from Canada to improve your health.

All drugs and drugs presented in our pharmacy are completely legal:

  • they are manufactured in the factory conditions of the enterprise and in the country specified in the product description;
  • officially and legally brought into the country of the vendor;
  • have all the relevant certificates of the Ministry of Health of the vendor’s country;
  • have a long shelf life with required for use of the drug.

Our prices

We work so that every person can always buy the right medicine prescribed by a doctor at a low price. Direct cooperation with leading international suppliers and manufacturers allows us to set favorable prices for all products. Our prices do not include extra expenses spend on clinical trials and advertising campaigns. We sell generics which are lower in price but with the same quality. For regular customers, we offer our discounts, bonuses, free delivery. We do our best to improve our service and attract much more customers with low price policy and high-quality. The more you buy the more you save with us.

Our customer care support

Your community care is above all things for us. We respect the customers’ right for security, confidentiality and anonymity. We are not intended to disclose the information provided by a customer about his/her disease and medications taken. We strive to keep their data safe. We use special SSL-protocols to keep personal data (including credit card data) from unlegalized access. Hence, we pack parcels in an opaque wrapper. No one will have an idea what medications are put inside it. Finally, we do not break the regulations of the custom. As a result, your parcel won’t be arrested for proper examination.


Abigail Mills: “Ordered drugs. The next day received an email reply. I was satisfied with convenient interface, quick contact. I will recommend this online pharmacy to my friends and acquaintances.”

Reece Payne: “Good day! You helped me a lot in resolving my problem. I could not find a drug anywhere, but everything was quickly delivered as promised! At first, I somehow did not believe online shopping, because many people write that they are deceiving in online pharmacies. But I was surprised by the transparency of this online drugstore.”

Lilly Holland: “I want to express my gratitude for the speed of delivery, courtesy and attentiveness of the pharmacists. If you want to get a consultation you will be satisfied with the result. I recommend this service.”

Summer Hall: “I have been using the services of this pharmacy for a long time. I always like the service they provide. I order drugs for my mother once every 3 months. They bring it quickly. Another important thing is that all medications are stored in the right conditions and there has never been anything overdue.”

Elizabeth Morton: “The online order processed very quickly. They offer a good range, I made out two orders in a row. There are a number of drugs that are not available at conventional drugstores. Pharmacists always provide professional recommendations.”

Lauren Riley: “I was looking for one drug for 2 months, I could not find it anywhere in pharmacies. I made an order on the website, without particularly expecting to answer, but the confirmation email came in 20-30 minutes. The same day the drug was dispensed from the pharmacy. Delivered by courier for free. The drug was cheaper than the average price indicated on the Internet.”

Scarlett Curtis: “The pharmacy is very good for the price and quality. For a large number of drugs, prices are really lower than in other drugstores.”

Jonathan Kelly: “Thank you for the prompt delivery of the order! I am very glad that there was such a service because it is not always possible to come for the right medicines with a small child.”

Madison Conway: “I ordered first-aid kits for work, I was pleasantly surprised at the time they brought in and the prices pleased me. I suffer from psoriasis and now I would order there. It is cheaper. Thank you, My Canadian Pharmacy!”

Kai Doyle: “Hello! I am a regular customer for more than 2 years. Huge selection, prices are significantly lower than in conventional pharmacies. Attentive and polite pharmacists, couriers. Delivery is always on time at a specified time. The whole order is carefully packed. If you need to put it in the fridge, it will be delivered in a separate package.”

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