BrainWise: Ten Wise Ways to Stop and Think Event Part 1

Event Details

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Specialists from My Canadian Pharmacy took part in the “BrainWise: Ten Wise Ways to Stop and Think” Seminar Part 1.

This seminar was the first in the program of teaching genuine skillful thinking, as well as instrumental and technological support of its effective use for solving specific life and professional problems and tasks. This program takes into account the most important scientific developments in the field of philosophy, social and cognitive psychology, sociology, logic and a number of other social sciences and humanities. It includes little-known and even less common in the USA advanced technologies for working with thinking: critical rationalism, critical thinking, a rational-emotional-behavioral approach to counseling and self-help, cartographic and other visual methods of intellectual activity. Program participants received not only selected and most useful knowledge but also advanced thinking skills and problem-solving skills, as well as high-quality high-tech tools for intellectual work, both individually and as part of a team project.

Initial training allowed the participants to navigate the main complexes of cognitive knowledge and thinking skills and take the first steps in their development and application to professional and personal problems. All participants were provided with free programs and educational complexes for independent use.

Goals of the event

  • To offer a holistic and systematic view of the most important – for everyday life and professional activities – the properties and types of human thinking;
  • To offer vital knowledge about basic thinking tools – language, speech, text, concepts, and symbols (signs);
  • To propose the concept of principles and rules of skillful effective thinking in solving real problems, which has already demonstrated its advantages;
  • To teach the basic initial skills of critical thinking on a set of exercises and tasks;
  • To teach basic initial skills of cognitive mapping and the use of mapping programs;
  • To teach basic initial skills of rational-emotional-behavioral counseling and self-help;
  • To teach basic initial skills in the application of critical thinking and cognitive mapping in professional activities and daily life.

Parts of the Event

  1. Informing part: an interactive seminar, during which the participants get the necessary knowledge on the topic;
  2. Training part: exercises and reflection, during which the necessary skills on the subject are formed and consolidated.
  3. The design part: self-testing skills and competencies.

Results of the event

At the end of the seminar, the participants:

  • got the latest scientific knowledge and skills in practical social psychology and the basics of skillful thinking;
  • were able to learn and use their intellectual abilities while simultaneously taking into account some of the “weak” sides of their psyche and thinking;
  • learned to accurately and objectively assess the situation and increased the prudence and rationality of the decisions made, both business and everyday;
  • understood the features of perception and display of reality in their professional activities and personal relationships;
  • learned to identify and expose many manipulations, false or manipulative arguments;
  • learned to build their communication and behavior based on realistic and effective thinking techniques;
  • were able to receive and use new resources to improve their professional activities and everyday life;
  • received tutorials and reading materials with practical recommendations.