Conference on Preventing Diabetes and Heart Disease

Event Details

  • Date:

Preventing Diabetes and Heart Disease Conference was held. The event was of the greatest importance to endocrinologists, physicians of health centers, general practitioners, therapists, and other health care specialists.

The purpose of the conference:

  • the introduction of new medical technologies in practical health care, the exchange of achievements, results;
  • raising the professional level and qualifications of specialists;
  • improving the quality of services provided by medical organizations;
  • effective use of opportunities and facilities of medical organizations;
  • exchange of experience on sanitary and preventive measures in the control of diabetes and heart disease;
  • timely diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes and heart disease;
  • improving the quality of life of the patient, prevention and treatment of complications.

Main directions:

  • prevention of diabetes and heart disease on the global scale;
  • organization of sanitary and preventive measures at all levels of medical care;
  • methods and technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diabetes and heart disease;
  • introduction of modern achievements in treating diabetes and heart;
  • monitoring of these conditions in medical organizations;
  • safety of patient environment.

Presenters and audience:

The conference was attended by leading managers and doctors of health facilities in the United States and other countries (550 people). Presentations on the topic were made by the representatives from the Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Veterans Health Administration, My Canadian Pharmacy, medical center managers, and leading scientists.